Gettin’ My Social Media On…

The more I invest in broadening my horizons, the more I open my eyes to this vast, vast world of Online Social Media and the endless opportunities that it holds for someone like me.  I’m a freelance Writer/Producer for On-Air Promotion ..mainly… but I can spin so many different plates.  I have, what I’m now gonna call “social media tendencies” because of my constant craving of pop culture, interaction with people and trending topics.  Having recently worked on a social media campaign with a non-profit on a Gala with high profile celebs, I am compelled to dig deeper into how this whole SOCIAL MEDIA works!!

Currently we are working with an outside vendor on an animated show social media campaign and I’m soaking up the details on the roll out like a kid on a candy high! I feel like a rookie but so much of it is inherently off-the-cuff intuition as to what will work.  Thankfully, I’m good with kids and know what they like 😉

As I continue to always pick up new clients and opportunities, my skill sets grow and I feel more empowered.


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