Art in the Afternoon 2014

Art in the Afternoon 2014

Sunday, May 4, 2014 we attended a wonderful fundraising event in Venice Beach, CA called “Art in the Afternoon” held at the Venice Skills Center, with proceeds benefitting A Window Between Worlds. This event has been hosted for the last five years by Disney Channel “Dog with a Blog” cast member, G. Hannelius whose enthusiasm and good will is infectious.  So much so that fellow cast members, Blake Michael, Francesca Capaldi, Beth Littleford, Regan Burns, Peyton Meyers AND the DOG of the show, Kuma (aka Stan) all showed up to support. G’s dad on the show, Regan Burns, acted as MC of the show, getting the audience pumped up for live performances, Zumba dancing, and Hula Hooping!

IMG_1728IMG_7188IMG_7200IMG_7201 IMG_7202 IMG_7203 IMG_7194 IMG_7167           IMG_7193              IMG_1728        IMG_7192       There were autograph signings, face painting, chalk art, free food from vendors like Panda Express, Whole Foods and In-N-Out Burger plus free information on the Aquarium of the Pacific.  We bought some tickets as the proceeds went to the fund raising and there were game booths setup for tickets and prizes as well as some food items for tickets too.  

IMG_1719 IMG_1753IMG_7154 IMG_7190      IMG_1807 IMG_7204IMG_1747IMG_1746IMG_7189    IMG_7152      IMG_7195

IMG_1733 - Version 2

We loved the Super Cool Creamery where ice cream is made on the spot! The event raised over $63,000 for A Window Between Worlds.  Here’s hoping next year will be a smashing success! We will be there, for sure!          IMG_7159      IMG_7196



IMG_1812 IMG_1811 IMG_1810 IMG_1809 IMG_1808 IMG_1807 IMG_1805 IMG_1801 IMG_1800 IMG_1792 IMG_1779 IMG_1764 IMG_1762 IMG_1761spinning_plates_inc


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