Hooray for Hollywoof a HOWLING success!

Hooray for Hollywoof a HOWLING success!

We LOVE a good charity event.  But to have a Charity Event + Birthday Party + Celebrity Meet & Greet all rolled into one is genius and could only be done by the fantastic team of Reach for the Starz and Little Miss Hollywood Twitter sensation @Alexirob.

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Hooray for Hollywoof! was held Saturday February 8, 2014 at the Sherman Oaks Zoom Room. The Zoom Room is a dog training facility franchise that specializes in classes for agility and obedience with locations all over the country. The Sherman Oaks team graciously opened the door to all of Alexi’s guests and mostly catered to the canines!  There was a generously sized “playroom” where all the pampered pets could run around and play in a gated environment. (no escapees!)

Spinning Plates Inc. was involved with pre-planning by creating/updating the party invitation and making the signature sheets for the event.

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At the event itself we were there to take pictures, run a mini photo booth with fun props and assist Alexi and mom Andrea. 

Alexi invited her school friends, local young celebs & their pups and extended an invitation to the public to purchase tickets with proceeds going to Alexi’s favorite dog charities, Lucky Puppy Rescue and Retail and Angels in Fur.

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The folks at Lucky Puppy Rescue and Retail brought some adorable adoptable dogs with them who got dressed for the occasion and the Zoom Room showcased some agility trained tricksters for the crowd.

Sound Waves mobile DJ Paul spun fun tracks that kept the kids singing and had a “stupid human tricks” contest as well as a limbo contest.

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Celebrity guests that attended included Aubrey Miller, Ella Anderson, Mckenna Grace, Eden Wood, Jordyn Jones, Asia Monet Ray, Tucker Albrizzi, Cole Sand, Grace Whitton, Nikki Hahn, Merit Leighton, Marlowe Peyton, and Kayla Maisonet.

Raffle tickets, monetary and supply donations were collected and there were plenty of donated items as well.

Donation for raffle baskets & charities were from these fine retailers:

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But all this good will aside, this party also had something else.  This party was a normal Saturday night in Los Angeles with just kids having fun.  No paparazzi (except maybe myself?) no crowding of these talented kids but just a feel good, fun & games, laid back environment where everyone could relax and be themselves.

I hope we are lucky enough to be involved with Alexirob and Reach for the Starz on the next event they plan. 

Should be pretty awesome!

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IMG_0131  IMG_0073    IMG_0323     IMG_0159 copyIMG_0149IMG_0279IMG_0251IMG_0151McKenna Grace - Director!

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